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A Hot Week for Pebble

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse on Unsplash

The sun is out, and the market is hot. Enjoy the perfect beach weather this weekend in preparation for next week’s Big Sur Marathon. If you are in town, stop by our Open House in the Santa Lucia Preserve from 3-5pm on Saturday. 39 Pronghorn Run is a comfortable hacienda retreat perfect for entertaining and hosting with stunning valley and golf course views. As always, a few market highlights:

Pebble Beach took the crown this week with 7 closed escrows and 7 new sales. The top closed escrow was an updated Spanish Bay Condo that closed at $2.998M (17% off list price). The other closed escrows included an English Tudor style home in Country Club West that closed at full ask of $2.35M, a 3 bedroom single level Ranch home in Country Club West that closed at $1.85M (7% off list price), a Contemporary Mediterranean in the Upper Forest that closed at $1.81M (3% off list price), a 3 bedroom Contemporary in Country Club East that closed at $1.09M (10% off list price), a single level Ranch home in Country Club East that closed at $1.035M (4% off list price), and a condominium in the Ocean Pines community that closed at $610K (3% off list price). The top new sale was an estate on the 2nd fairway at Pebble Beach Golf Links that fell out of escrow and went back into contract 3 days later, listed at $10.5M. Worth noting, this is the first sale on the golf course since 2016. The bottom of the market remained hot with 6 new sales under $4M – these sales included an estate on a corner lot in the Lodge area on Cantera Court listed at $3.299M after only 5 days on the open market, a 1950’s built remodel in Country Club West (list price $1.295M) and 4 new sales in the Country Club East neighborhood including a 4 bedroom remodeled home on Sawmill Gulch Road listed at $1.495M, a remodeled single level 3 bedroom home on Madrone listed at $1.349M, a 3 bedroom home on Colton Road listed at $1.075M, and a remodel opportunity on Larkin Road listed at $885K.

Carmel experienced a productive week and reported 2 closed escrows and 5 new sales. The top closed escrow was a beach house on Dolores and Santa Lucia that closed for $1.83M (8% off list price). The other closed escrow was a 4 bedroom Country English style home in Hatton Fields with a sale price of $1.405M (6% off list price). The top new sale in Carmel consisted of two lots totaling 1.25 acres which included a turnkey remodel in Hatton Fields with a list price of $3.9M. The other sales included a Carmel beach cottage in the with a list price of $3M, a 5 bedroom home two blocks from Mission Trails listed at $2.55M, a 4 bedroom home in the heart of the rectangle listed at $1.338M and a gated two bedroom home in Hatton Fields listed at $1.15M.

This week the Carmel Highlands region had no new sales and one closed escrow. We are proud to represent the new owners of 138 San Remo Road in the Carmel Highlands, which closed at $3.25M (3% off list pice). This 5,000+ sq.ft. estate features spectacular ocean views from every room.

Quail had one closed escrow this week and no new sales. The closed escrow was a condominium located near Quail Lodge that closed 4% off list price at $818,500. No news to report in the Quail Meadows area or Santa Lucia Preserve.

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW- 39 Spanish Bay Circle, $2.998M (17% off list price), DOM=254

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 2873 Sloat Road, $2.350M (Sold at full ask), DOM=15

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 2995 Lake Road, $1.85M (7% off list pirce), DOM=198

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 4075 Costanilla Way, $1.81M (3% off list price), DOM=5

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 2908 Congress Road, $1.09M (10% off list price), DOM= 37

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 1094 Mission Road, $1.035M (4% off list price), DOM= 8

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 81 Ocean Pines Lane, $610,000 (3% off list price), DOM=188

  • NEW SALE- 3334 17 Mile Drive, $10.5M, DOM=60

  • NEW SALE- 1418 Cantera Court, $3.299M, DOM=5

  • NEW SALE- 1114 Sawmill Gulch Road, $1.495M, DOM=92

  • NEW SALE- 2931 Madrone Lane, $1.349M, DOM=83

  • NEW SALE- 2861 Sloat Road, $1.295M, DOM=9

  • NEW SALE- 2927 Colton Road, $1.075M, DOM=220

  • NEW SALE- 3044 Larkin Road, $885K, DOM=2

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS = 69 Homes (Country Club West = 12, Country Club East = 13, Central Pebble = 22, The Lodge = 13, Upper Forest = 9); 15 Lots

  • CLOSED ESCROW- Dolores 5NE of Santa Lucia, $1.83M (8% off list price), DOM=28

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 26291 Mesa Place, $1.405M (6% off list price), DOM=10

  • NEW SALE- 3292-3306 Martin Road, $3.9M, DOM=235

  • NEW SALE- Camino Real 3NW of 8th, $3M, DOM=58

  • NEW SALE- 25691 North Mesa, $2.55M, DOM=16

  • NEW SALE- 26208 Atherton Drive, $1.338M, DOM=9

  • NEW SALE- Monte Verde 2NW of 2nd Ave, $1.15M, DOM=7

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS = 62 Homes (NW Carmel = 8, NE Carmel = 12, SW Carmel = 11, SE Carmel = 8, Carmel Point = 11, Hatton Fields = 147); 4 Lots

Carmel Highlands
  • CLOSED ESCROW- 138 San Remo Road, $3.25M (3% off list price), DOM= 22

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS = 21 Homes (7 Oceanfront); 7 Lots

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • CLOSED ESCROW- 7020 Valley Greens Drive #16, $818,500 (4% off list price), DOM=208

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS = 4 Homes (Quail Lodge = 1 Home, Quail Meadows = 3 Homes); 0 Lots


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