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Annual Feast of Lanterns Celebration

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash

For over a century we have celebrated the annual Feast of Lanterns community celebration. If you’re in town, check out the main event at Lover’s Point Beach in Pacific Grove on Saturday, July 28 at 8PM. Activity is winding up in our subject regions as it often does in the summertime – we saw 5 new sales in Pebble, 8 new sales in Carmel, 1 new sale in Quail, and 1 new sale in the Highlands in addition to 3 closed escrows in Carmel and 3 closings in Pebble. Canning Properties Group wishes you a fun-filled weekend.

The top closing in Pebble Beach this week was a midcentury modern home near the Lodge with abundant ocean views on the market for 1 year (sale price $4.9M; 17.6% off list price). Other closed escrows in Pebble consisted of a tasteful modern remodel in Country Club East with a sale price of $1.5575M (13.4% discount off list price) and a dated home in the Upper Forest region on the market for just a few weeks (sale price $1.05M; 4.1% off ask). New sales include a contemporary in the Eastern part of Central Pebble with distant ocean views, listed for $4.2M; a Mediterranean in the Country Club West neighborhood with a list price of $2.465M – on the market for just one week; a remodeled ranch style home in the heart of MPCC West (list price $2.285M, DOM = 5); a dated 1980’s-built traditional style home listed for $1.695M, and a remodel opportunity near MPCC (list price $1.325M).

We are honored to represent the buyers of 26040 Ridgewood Road in Carmel – a meticulously remodeled single-level cottage on a quiet street with lush gardens (sale price $3.35M; 6.8% off list price). Two other homes closed escrow in Carmel this week; a historic Comstock Cottage selling for 5% off ask price at $5.46M and a 1950’s-built fixer tucked behind the Carmel Mission Basilica which sold for full price at $1.25M. Canning Properties Group represented both sides of the new sale at Casanova 2 SW of 13th – a beloved family home on an oversized lot in the heart of the Golden Rectangle, listed for $2.6M. Other new sales in Carmel include a remodeled contemporary style home with clean lines on Scenic Road listed for $7.5M; a luxury townhouse in downtown Carmel listed for $3.295M; a complete renovation on a corner lot, listed for $3.2M; a cozy cottage listed for just 4 days at $2.695M; a vintage 1920’s classic European manor sited on a half-acre lot (list price $2.5M); a cottage on the quiet side of Sunset Center listed for $2.05M and a dated traditional home on Highway 1 (list price $895K).

Quail reported no closings but had one new sale: a dated single level home on Valley Greens Circle, which had multiple offers and was on the market for one week with an ask of $1.595M.

Carmel Highlands reported one new sale – an oceanfront property nestled at Wildcat Cove on Spindrift Road listed for $16.995M (DOM = 203).

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW: 1445 Riata Road, Sale Price: $4.9M (17.6% off list price), DOM = 389

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 1126 Mestres Drive, Sale Price: $1.5575M (13.4% off list price), DOM = 138

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 4096 Crest Road, Sale Price: $1.05M (4.1% off list price), DOM = 26

  • NEW SALE: 3106 Flavin Lane, List Price: $4.2M, DOM = 107

  • NEW SALE: 978 Pioneer Road, List Price: $2.465M, DOM = 8

  • NEW SALE: 3036 Valdez Road, List Price: $2.285M, DOM = 5

  • NEW SALE: 1025 Ocean Road, List Price: $1.695M, DOM = 69

  • NEW SALE: 2908 Oak Knoll Road, List Price: $1.325M, DOM = 93

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 69 Homes (Country Club West = 15, Country Club East = 11, Central Pebble = 18, Lodge = 14, Upper Forest = 179), 29 Lots.

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 26350 Ocean View Avenue, Sale Price: $5.46M (5% off list price), DOM = 18

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 26040 Ridgewood Road, Sale Price: $3.35M (6.8%% off list price), DOM = 102

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 2985 Lasuen Drive, Sale Price: $1.25M (full price), DOM = off market

  • NEW SALE: Scenic 5 SE of 9th, List Price: $7.5M, DOM = 11

  • NEW SALE: Dolores 3 SE of 7th, List Price: $3.295M, DOM = 14

  • NEW SALE: Monte Verde & 11th, NWC, List Price: $3.2M, DOM = 0

  • NEW SALE: Dolores 5 SE of 10th, List Price: $2.695M, DOM = 4

  • NEW SALE: Casanova 2 SW of 13th, List Price: $2.6M, DOM = 168

  • NEW SALE: 3377 4th Avenue, List Price: $2.5M, DOM = 34

  • NEW SALE: San Carlos 5 NE of Santa Lucia, List Price: $2.05M, DOM = 84

  • NEW SALE: 25068 Highway 1, List Price: $895K, DOM = 5

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 61 Homes (NW Carmel = 7, NE Carmel = 11, SW Carmel = 7, SE Carmel = 12, Carmel Point = 13, Hatton Fields = 11), 5 Lots.

Carmel Highlands
  • NEW SALE: 157 Spindrift Road, List Price: $16.995M, DOM = 203

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 22 Homes (6 Oceanfront), 5 Lots.

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • NEW SALE: 7084 Valley Greens Circle, List Price: $1.595M

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: Quail Lodge Homes = 6, Lots = 2. Quail Meadows Homes = 3, Lots = 0.


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