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AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Photo by Nickolas Crawford on Unsplash

The annual AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am is in full swing this week!  After a fun-filled week of celebrity attended charity events, this weekend is sure to bring excitement with the 3rd and final rounds occurring on Saturday and Sunday.  If you’re in the area, cruise through one of the 3 courses to check out the tournament.  Visit for copies of the course maps.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed the weather cooperates this year!  As always, a few highlights from the week below.  Although there were just 3 closings this week, February is off to a strong start with 9 new sales in our subject regions.

Pebble Beach had a productive week, reporting 2 closed escrows and 5 new sales.  The top closing this week was a townhome located at the Residences at the Lodge; with ocean views and a spectacular location, the partially updated townhome sold for 2.8% off list price at $4.376M after less than a week on the market.  Canning Properties Group is honored to have represented both the seller and buyer of this rare product.  A 1970’s-built ranch style home in the Upper Forest region also closed this week at a 9.7% discount off list price for $1.165M after 5 months on the market.  The 5 new sales in Pebble consisted of a remodeled contemporary home in Country Club West listed for $1.995M (DOM = 4), a similar build but located in Country Club East (list price: $1.895M, DOM = 193), a renovated mid-century single level home listed for $1.395M which was on the market for just 2 days, an updated ranch style home with distant views of the ocean in the Upper Forest (list price: $1.199M, DOM = 169), and a vintage fixer on MPCC’s The Dunes course (list price: $1.0999M, DOM = 24). 

Although there were no closings this week in Carmel, 4 homes went into contract.  Canning Properties Group represented the top new sale: a chic cottage tucked away on a quiet corner on the edge of the Golden Rectangle, which went into escrow after 2 days on the market (list price: $3.895M).  Other new sales included an oversized vintage cottage 2 blocks from the beach on the market for 1 week (list price: $2.95M), a country English style home in NE Carmel (list price: $2.279M, DOM = 82), a major fixer with a partially complete ADU in the heart of Carmel which reached mutual acceptance off market (list price: $1.395M), and a rebuild opportunity in NE Carmel (list price: $895K, DOM = 40). 

A remodeled 1960’s-build on coveted Valley Greens Circle in Quail Lodge sold this week for $2.28M (less than 1% discount off list price) after just a few days on the market.  There was no other activity to report in Quail, the Preserve, or the Highlands.

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW:  3301 17 Mile Drive, #15, Sale Price: $4.376M (2.8% off list price), DOM = 6.

  • CLOSED ESCROW:  4067 Los Altos Drive, Sale Price: $1.165M (27% off original list price or 9.7% off most recent list price), DOM = 152.

  • NEW SALE:  2908 Oak Knoll, List Price: $1.995M, DOM = 4. 

  • NEW SALE:  1183 Lookout Road, List Price: $1.895M, DOM = 193.

  • NEW SALE:  1035 San Carlos Road, List Price: $1.395M, DOM = 2. 

  • NEW SALE: 4121 Sunridge Road, List Price: $1.199M, DOM = 169.

  • NEW SALE:  2939 Sloat Road, List Price: $1.0999M, DOM = 24.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS:  69 Homes (Country Club West = 14, Country Club East = 6, Central Pebble = 24, The Lodge = 15, Upper Forest = 10), 23 Lots. 

  • NEW SALE:  San Carlos 2 SE of 13th, List Price: $3.895M, DOM = 2. 

  • NEW SALE:  Carmelo 3 NW of 13th, List Price: $2.95M, DOM = 8.

  • NEW SALE: Santa Fe 4 SE of 3rd Street, List Price: $2.279M, DOM = 82.

  • NEW SALE:  Dolores 2 NW of 12th, List Price: $1.395M, DOM = 0 (off market). 

  • NEW SALE:  Guadalupe 4 SW of 1st, List Price: $895K, DOM = 40. \

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS:  66 Homes (NW Carmel = 5, NE Carmel = 14, SW Carmel = 12, SE Carmel = 12, Carmel Point = 15, Hatton Fields = 8), 6 Lots. 

Carmel Highlands
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS:  18 Homes (7 Oceanfront), 6 Lots.

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • CLOSED ESCROW:  7044 Valley Greens Circle, Sale Price: $2.28M (less than 1% off list price), DOM = 5. 

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS:  Quail Meadows = 4 Homes, 1 Lot.  Quail Lodge = 2 Homes, 0 Lots.  Preserve = 11 Homes, 47 Lots. 


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