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Car Week is Here

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Photo by Niklas Garnholz on Unsplash

Car Week is in full swing and the town is rumbling with cars and people. We are still seeing a steady pace of new sales across the board, but only saw 2 closed escrows this week in Country Club West area in Pebble Beach. As always, a few highlights from the week below.

Pebble Beach had 2 closed escrows and 3 new sales this week. The top closed escrow was a Mediterranean style home in Country Club West designed by Clarence Tantau that closed at $3.2M (30% over asking price after just over a week on the market). The other closed escrow also came from Country Club West area – a remodeled home off Valdez Road that closed at $2.26M (1% off list price) with only 5 days on market. The top new sale was a new Contemporary build on Del Ciervo listed at $9.799. The other new sales included a single level remodeled ranch style home in Country Club West listed at $1.45M and a remodeled home in Country Club East listed at $1.25M.

Carmel saw 4 new sales this week- up 1 sale from last week. The top new sale came from Carmel Point- a frontline home that boasts views of Carmel River Beach listed at $3.75M. The other new sales included a cottage in the Rectangle listed at $2.449M, a charming cottage in Northwest Carmel listed at $1.299M, and a fixer in Hatton Fields listed $1.2M.

The Carmel Highlands had a steady week with 2 new sales with one coming from the oceanfront. The top new sale was a 1950’s Contemporary on the ocean listed at $5.3M. The other new sale was a contemporary with filtered ocean views listed at $1.749M.

Quail Lodge has one new sale this week- a single level home with views of the third green and completely redone in 2009 listed at $1.95M.

No news to report in Quail Meadows or the Santa Lucia Preserve this week.

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW: 978 Pioneer Road, Sale Price: $3.2M (30% over asking price), DOM=8

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 3036 Valdez Road, List Price: $2.26M (1% off list price)

  • NEW SALE: 3173 Del Ciervo Road, List Price: $9.799M, DOM=15

  • NEW SALE: 2896 Sloat Road, List Price: $1.45M, DOM= 151

  • NEW SALE: 2 Spyglass Woods Drive, List Price: $1.25M, DOM= 36

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 80 Homes (Country Club West = 14, Country Club East = 10, Central Pebble = 21, Lodge = 18, Upper Forest = 17), 31 Lots.

  • NEW SALE: 26398 Isabella Ave, List Price: $3.75M, DOM=506

  • NEW SALE: Lincoln 2NE of 9th, List Price: $2.449M, DOM= 71

  • NEW SALE: 24700 Pescadero Road, List Price: $1.299M, DOM= 13

  • NEW SALE: 26029 Atherton Drive, List Price: $1.2M, DOM= 5

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 61 Homes (NW Carmel = 8, NE Carmel = 10, SW Carmel = 9, SE Carmel = 6, Carmel Point = 14, Hatton Fields = 14), 7 Lots.

Carmel Highlands
  • NEW SALE: 44 Yankee Point Drive, List Price: $5.3M, DOM= 8

  • NEW SALE: 31 Mentone Road, List Price: $1.749M, DOM= 159

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 21 Homes (6 Oceanfront), 7 Lots.

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • NEW SALE: 7056 Valley Greens Circle, List Price: $1.95M, DOM= 33

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 7 Homes (Quail Lodge = 4, Quail Meadows = 3), 2 Lots (Quail Lodge = 2, Quail Meadows = 0).


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