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Gourmet Fest

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

The 5th annual Gourmet Fest is this week – with 4 days of 20 uniquely planned events including wine tasting, cooking demos and fabulous dinners and lunches, it is an event you don’t want to miss. If you are in town this weekend be sure to check out a few of the events. to purchase tickets. Despite the rainy weather, the market had another busy week across the board. As always, a few highlights from this week below.

Pebble Beach had another strong week, with 4 closed escrows and 4 new sales. The top closed escrow was a frontline MPCC home on Marcheta Lane, just steps to the 16th tee of the Shore Course that closed at $4.9M (4% off list price). We are proud to represent the sellers of 3382 Laureles Lane, a rustic contemporary with stunning panoramic ocean views from Point Sur to Bird Rock that closed at $3.7M (4% off list price). The other two closed escrows included a split-level contemporary in Country Club East, closing at $1.18M (1% off list price), and a recently remodeled contemporary in the Upper Forest at $830K (3% off list price). The top new sale in Pebble was an R.M. Crocker contemporary in Country Club West listed at $3.55M. The other sales were all in the MPCC area; a custom 2 story home with ocean views on Cormorant listed at $2.999M, a frontline MPCC Dunes home on Bird Rock listed at $1.39M, and fixer on Strawberry Hill listed at $1.28M.

Carmel built off last week’s momentum and had 3 closed escrows and 6 new sales this week. The top closed escrow a 4 bedroom, 4 bath fixer on Carmel Point that sold at full ask. The other closed escrow was a Mediterranean style home that sold $25K over asking after only 1 week on the market. The other closed escrow came from the ‘Golden Rectangle’ on Casanova & 10th, a charming cottage with separate guest quarters that closed at $1.711M (5% off list price). The top new sales included a recently remodeled Carmel Point cottage listed at $2.495M, a charming new home on Mission listed at $2.325M, and a home on Dolores with a guest house on an oversized lot listed at $2.169M. The three other new sales were a Carmel Meadows charming beach house listed at $1.495M, a country farmhouse in Northeast Carmel listed at $1.415M and a Terrace Condo on Mission and 3rd listed at $600k.

The Carmel Highlands continues to run at a steady pace with 1 closed escrow and 1 new sale. The closed escrow was an elegant contemporary on Sonoma Lane that sold for $4.65M (6% off list price). 32691 Coast Ridge, a newly constructed 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath Highlands home above highway 1 listed at $4.795M, went into escrow this week after being on the market over a year.

No news to report in the Quail Lodge/ Meadows and Preserve areas this week.

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW- 1049 Marcheta Lane, $4.9M (4% off List Price), DOM= 73

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 3382 Laureles Lane, $3.7M (4% off List Price), DOM= 337

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 2854 Congress Road, $1.18M (1% off List Price), DOM= 8

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 4029 Costado Road, $830K (3% off List Price), DOM= 146

  • NEW SALE- 1003 Rodeo Road, $3.55M, DOM= 264

  • NEW SALE- 3011 Cormorant Road, $2.999M, DOM= 8

  • NEW SALE- 2972 Bird Rock Road, $1.39M, DOM= 57

  • NEW SALE- 3071 Strawberry Hill Road, $1.28M, DOM=0

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 66 Homes (Country Club East=17, Country Club West=10, Central Pebble=16, Lodge=10, Upper Forest=13)

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 26174 Dolores Street, $3.45M (Sold at full price), DOM= 133

  • CLOSED ESCROW- 26269 Mesa Place, $1.9M (1% over list price), DOM= 7

  • CLOSED ESCROW- Casanova 2NE of 10th, $1.711M (5% off List Price), DOM= 4

  • NEW SALE- 2446 16th Avenue, $2.495M, DOM= 55

  • NEW SALE- Mission 2NW of 11th, $2.325M, DOM= 7

  • NEW SALE- DOLORES 7 SW OF 13th, $2.169M, DOM= 193

  • NEW SALE- 2950 Ribera Road, $1.495M, DOM= 0

  • NEW SALE- 24955 Hatton Road, $1.415M, DOM= 7

  • NEW SALE- SW Corner of Mission & 3rd #1, $600K, DOM= 55

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 63 Homes (NW Carmel=11, NE Carmel=7, Golden Rectangle=18, SE Carmel=7, Carmel Point=10, Hatton Fields=10), 4 Lots

Carmel Highlands
  • CLOSED ESCROW- 175 Sonoma Lane, $4.65M (6% off List Price), DOM= 118

  • NEW SALE- 32691 Coast Ridge, $4.795M, DOM= 392

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 24 Homes (7 oceanfront), 8 Lots

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • No news to report.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 26 Homes (Quail Meadows=4, Preserve=12), Preserve Lots=38


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