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Grab Your Umbrella

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Photo by Erik Witsoe on Unsplash

With another rainy weekend in the forecast, locals are bringing out the umbrellas as they try to stay dry during this wet streak.  The local market had a fair amount of activity this week as Pebble’s market roared ahead to a Q1 high of 10 new sales.  Both the Carmel and Highlands markets had activity as well.  As always, a few highlights from the week below:

With 2 closed escrows and 10 new sales, Pebble’s market stole the weekly crown in grand fashion.  The top closed escrow was a ranch style home on Strawberry Hill with filtered ocean views and a guest house that closed off-market at $1.2M (7% off of List Price).  The other closed escrow was a major fixer that closed at $900K (5% off of List Price) after falling through escrow a couple weeks prior.  The top new sale comes from Pebble’s famed 2nd hole – a David Allen Smith designed home with golf and ocean views, offered at $10.5M.  The other new sales include a tastefully remodeled English Country estate on a quiet strip of Sloat Rd and an ask of $2.35M; a dated ranch style home in a coveted location near the MPCC Shelter, listed at $1.988M; a 90’s Mediterranean style home in the Upper Forest, offered at $1.875M; a charming ranch style home in the heart of the MPCC area on Sombrero Rd with an ask of $1.835M; a dated traditional style home in the Country Club East area that’s listed at $1.295M and a few fixers and a condo throughout the Forest with respective asks of $1.25M, $1.095M, $1.075M and $629K.

Carmel had a modest week with 3 closed escrows and 3 new sales.  The top closed escrow came from the Hatton Fields area – a traditional style home with valley views on an oversized lot that closed at $2.15M (4% off of List Price).  The other closed escrows included a Midcentury Modern style home on Franciscan Wy with distant ocean views that closed at $1.975M (1% off of List Price) and a charming small (1,244 SqFt) cottage in the heart of the Golden Rectangle that sold for $1.628M (1% off of List Price).  The top new sale is a brand-new design Contemporary cottage in SE Carmel that went into escrow after being on the market for 45 days with an ask of $2.595M.  The other new sales include a dated 80’s cottage in the SE part of the Golden Rectangle, listed at $1.9M and a major project in NE Carmel with an ask of $899K.

The Highlands area had activity to report with 2 new sales.  The top new sale comes from the Carmel Meadows area on Cuesta Wy – a dated traditional style home with distant ocean views and an ask of $1.99M.  The other new sale comes from the East side of Hwy 1 – a rustic cottage style home that went back into escrow this week offered at $1.37M.

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW – 3071 Strawberry Hill Rd, $1.2M (7% off of List Price), DOM=Off-Market

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 1145 Wildcat Canyon Rd, $900K (5% off of List Price), DOM=175

  • NEW SALE – 3334 17 Mile Dive, $10.5M, DOM=60

  • NEW SALE – 2873 Sloat Rd, $2.35M, DOM=15

  • NEW SALE – 2955 Lake Rd, $1.988M, DOM=198

  • NEW SALE – 4075 Costanilla Wy, $1.875M, DOM=5

  • NEW SALE – 1042 Sombrero Rd, $1.835M, DOM=18

  • NEW SALE – 1183 Lookout Rd, $1.295M, DOM=66

  • NEW SALE – 2908 Congress Rd, $1.25M, DOM=37

  • NEW SALE – 2932 Congress Rd, $1.095M, DOM=72

  • NEW SALE – 2927 Colton Rd, $1.075M, DOM=214

  • NEW SALE – 81 Ocean Pines Ln, $629K, DOM=188

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 62 Homes (Country Club West=9, Country Club East=16, Central Pebble=17, Lodge=9)

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 26056 Mesa Dr, $2.15M (4% off of List Price), DOM=25

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 2905 Franciscan Wy, $1.975M (1% off of List Price), DOM=9

  • CLOSED ESCROW – Casanova 2NW of 12th, $1.628M (1% off of List Price), DOM=5

  • NEW SALE – Vizcaino 10SE Mountain View, $2.595M, DOM=46

  • NEW SALE – Dolores 5NE of Santa Lucia, $1.995M, DOM=28

  • NEW SALE – Guadalupe 2SW of 2nd, $899K, DOM=Off-Market

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 63 Homes (NW Carmel=11, NE Carmel=8, Golden Rectangle=16, SE Carmel=7, Carmel Point=10, Hatton Fields=11)

Carmel Highlands
  • NEW SALE – 2953 Cuesta Wy, $1.99M, DOM=303

  • NEW SALE – 122 Cypress Wy, $1.37M, DOM=9

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 16 Homes (6 oceanfront)

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • No news to report in the Quail area.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 16 Homes (2 in Quail Meadows, 1 in Quail Lodge, 13 in Preserve)


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