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International Women's Day

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day by recognizing the women’s rights movement across the globe.  Although not an official holiday in every country, International Women’s Day is widely observed and is a great opportunity for us to memorialize women’s history, empowerment, and efforts toward equality.  Our local market kept the pace this week with 4 closed escrows and 7 new sales in our subject regions.  Have a great weekend honoring the women in your life! 

Pebble’s week was on the quieter side; the region had 1 closing and 2 new sales with some activity at the top of the market.  The lone closing was a 1970’s build in the Upper Forest area in need of updating, which sold for a 13% discount off ask at $1.0425M after 43 days on the market.  An estate 2 doors down from the Lodge sited on the 18th Fairway went into contract after over 200 days on the market (list price: $31.5M) as did a cozy dated single level home in Country Club West (list price: $1.479M, DOM = 84).

Carmel remained productive with 3 closings and 5 new sales this week.  Closed escrows included a nicely updated cottage in the Golden Rectangle on the market for 2 weeks (sale price: $2.975M, less than 1% off list price), a single level cottage in NE Carmel (sale price: $1.4175M, 6% off list price, DOM = 42), and a renovated vintage home with a reverse floorplan in NW Carmel which sold for 2% off list price at $1.904M (DOM = 77).  All 5 new sales in Carmel were in the $1.5-$2.5M range.  The following went into contract this week: a newly constructed light-filled home in Hatton Fields (list price: $2.55M, DOM = 38), a dated 90’s-build with detached guest house near Mission Trail Park (list price: $2.395M, DOM = 245), a cottage located 4 blocks from the beach on the market for 1 month (list price: $2.25M), a 1940’s-built remodel on a large lot on the Carmel Woods/NE Carmel border (list price: $1.798M, DOM = 36), and a dated A-frame home on the west edge of Hatton Fields (list price: $1.649M, DOM = 18). 

There was no activity to report in Carmel Highlands, Quail, or the Preserve this week. 

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW: 4101 Pine Meadows Way, Sale Price: $1.0425M (13% off list price), DOM = 43.

  • NEW SALE: 1536 Cypress Drive, List Price: $31.5M (original list price: $35M), DOM = 213.

  • NEW SALE: 2972 Crescent Road, List Price: $1.479M, DOM = 84.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 72 Homes (Country Club West = 18, Country Club East = 6, Central Pebble = 25, Lodge = 13, Upper Forest = 10), 33 Lots.

  • CLOSED ESCROW: Monte Verde 5 SW of 10th Avenue, Sale Price: $2.975M (less than 1% off list price), DOM = 13.

  • CLOSED ESCROW: Guadalupe 4 NE of 4th Street, Sale Price: $1.4175M (6% off list price), DOM = 42.

  • CLOSED ESCROW: Palou 4 NW of Casanova Street, Sale Price: $1.904M, DOM = 77.

  • NEW SALE: 3533 Lazarro Drive, List Price: $2.55M, DOM = 38.

  • NEW SALE: Crespi 8 SE of Mountain View Avenue, List Price: $2.395M, DOM = 245.

  • NEW SALE: Casanova 3 SW of 12th, List Price: $2.25M (original list price: $2.296M), DOM = 31.

  • NEW SALE: 3029 Lorca Lane, List Price: $1.798M, DOM = 36.

  • NEW SALE: 25975 Mission Street, List Price: $1.649M, DOM = 18.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 51 Homes (NW Carmel = 6, NE Carmel = 13, SW Carmel = 10, SE Carmel = 6, Carmel Point = 10, Hatton Fields = 6), 4 Lots.

Carmel Highlands
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS:  17 Homes (5 Oceanfront), 5 Lots.

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS:  Quail Lodge = 5 Homes, 0 Lots.  Quail Meadows = 2 Homes, 1 Lot.  Preserve = 10 Homes, 46 Lots. 


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