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Neighborhood Addition: Coffee Bank

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Photo by Taylor Franz on Unsplash

We’re pleased to announce the opening of a new coffee shop in Carmel – Coffee Bank!  Sourcing their beans from Central/South America, Africa, and Hawaii, the café offers aromatic roasts with a lengthy list of specialty drinks.  Baristas are happy to customize your drink to your liking with a variety of milk substitutes including soy, almond, coconut, and oat.  We tried an oat milk latte on a rainy day and were quite pleased with the depth of flavor in the espresso.  If coffee isn’t your forte, Coffee Bank serves a plethora of teas and fruit/veggie-based juices.  Bring your appetite; the menu includes pastries, quiche, açai bowls, soups, paninis, salads, and wraps.  The açai bowls seem to be the crowd favorite, which include a zesty açai blend topped with fresh tropical fruit and homemade granola.  We recommend the Kona bowl.  The independently owned café has a warm and inviting vibe and employees mentioned they’ll be opening a patio out back with seating and live Jazz.  We look forward to seeing you at Coffee Bank this spring.  The local real estate market was steady across the board this week in Pebble Beach and Carmel, with 7 closings 91 in Pebble, 6 in Carmel) and 8 new sales (5 in Pebble and 3 in Carmel).  Below please find a recap outlining this activity.  Enjoy your weekend!

There was 1 closing in Pebble Beach this week and 5 new escrows, all below the $3M mark. The lone closed sale in Pebble was a cozy single level home with views of the 7th green of MPCC which sold for a 3.7% discount off list price at $1.425M (DOM = 84).  New sales included an English estate backing the 16th fairway of Spyglass Hill which has gone on and off the market over the past few years (most recent list price: $2.995M), a Comstock inspired home near MPCC with an attached in-law unit (list price: $2.595M, DOM = 2), a custom 2 story contemporary in Country Club West which was on the market for 1 week (list price: $1.649M), a partially remodeled 60’s-built home in Country Club East listed for $1.465M (DOM = 6), and a fixer in Country Club West listed for just 11 days (list price: $1.095M).

With 6 closed escrows and 3 new sales this week, Carmel maintained a productive pace.  Our closings in this region were a quaint oversized cottage on the southern edge of the Golden Rectangle on the market for just 1 week which sold $75K above ask at $3.025M, a Tudor style home in Carmel Point listed for only 6 days (sale price: $2.6M, 1.9% discount off list price), a French cottage in NE Carmel and close to town (sale price: $2.13M, 3% off list price), a remodeled 1950’s-built home near River School in Carmel Point (sale price: $2.02M, a 21% discount off original list price or 3.6% discount off most recent list price), a Mid-Century cottage in SE Carmel on the market for less than 1 week (sale price: $1.88M, less than 1% off list price), and a light-filled home with an Aspen vibe on the easternmost end of the Golden Rectangle which sold for full price ($1.649M) after 18 days on the market.  New sales in Carmel consisted of a centrally located cottage with a guest studio on an oversized lot (list price: $2.495M, DOM = 52), an updated 1950’s modern build in Carmel Point (list price: $1.799M, DOM = 225), and a cozy vintage cottage in NE Carmel near HWY 1 (list price: $1.495M; original list price: $1.649M, DOM = 123).

There is no activity to report in Carmel Highlands, Quail, or the Preserve this week.

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW: 2972 Crescent Road, Sale Price: $1.425M (3.7% off list price), DOM = 84.

  • NEW SALE: 1215 Benbow Place, List Price: $2.995M, DOM = 30.

  • NEW SALE: 1010 Broncho Road, List Price: $2.595M, DOM = 2.   

  • NEW SALE: 2924 Sloat Road, List Price: $1.649M, DOM = 7.

  • NEW SALE: 3058 Sherman Road, List Price: $1.465M, DOM = 9.

  • NEW SALE: 1085 Indian Village Road, List Price: $1.095M, DOM = 11.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 71 Homes (Country Club West = 17, Country Club East = 8, Central Pebble = 23, Lodge = 13, Upper Forest = 10), 33 Lots.

  • CLOSED ESCROW: Carmelo 3 NW of 13th, Sale Price: $3.025M ($75K above list price), DOM = 8.

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 26360 Valley View Avenue, Sale Price: $2.6M (1.9% off list price), DOM = 6.

  • CLOSED ESCROW: Guadalupe 3 SE of 5th Avenue, Sale Price: $2.13M (3% off list price), DOM = 19.

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 2644 Walker Avenue, Sale Price: $2.02M, DOM = 96.

  • CLOSED ESCROW: Torres 7 NW of 8th Avenue, Sale Price: $1.88M (less than 1% off list price), DOM = 4. 

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 25975 Mission Street, Sale Price: $1.649M, DOM = 18. NEW SALE: Casanova 5 SE of 12th Street, List Price: $2.495M, DOM = 52.

  • NEW SALE: 2713 15th Avenue, List Price: $1.799M, DOM = 225.

  • NEW SALE: Carpenter & 6th, NE Corner, List Price: $1.495M (original: $1.649M), DOM = 123.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 51 Homes (NW Carmel = 6, NE Carmel = 12, SW Carmel = 12, SE Carmel = 8, Carmel Point = 7, Hatton Fields = 6), 5 Lots.

Carmel Highlands
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 18 Homes (6 Oceanfront), 5 Lots.

Quail / Preserve
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: Quail Lodge = 5 Homes, 0 Lots.  Quail Meadows = 2 Homes, 1 Lot.  Preserve = 11 Homes, 47 Lots. 

Previously a bank, Coffee Bank stayed true to the location's roots with fun details throughout the cafe.


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