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New Hot Spot: Yeast of Eden

Photo by BENCE BOROS on Unsplash

We recently enjoyed food and libations at Yeast of Eden, a new restaurant and brewery which recently opened in the Carmel Plaza.  The hotspot is quickly gaining recognition for their unique sour beers, crafted using a mixed-culture approach with varieties of brewer’s yeast, native yeasts, and lactic acid.  This process distinguishes their beers because it provides a tart flavor and a sense of terroir.  If you aren’t in the mood for spirits, Y.O.E. offers a full bar with specialty house cocktails featuring top shelf liquors.  We’re also quite taken by their menu; with an Asian and Latin-American inspired slant, dinner service begins nightly at 5PM.  We thoroughly enjoyed the Szechuan cauliflower, glazed Saigon chicken wings, and the spicy green papaya salad.  The tacos were worth writing home about – served on handmade tortillas, they offer tasty fish, carnitas, lamb, steak, and smoked mushroom taco plates.  In all, we are impressed and happy to welcome the addition to the neighborhood.  Head over for Happy Hour; locals and tourists alike are catching on and we hope to see you there!  Our local real estate market had a productive week – we had 6 closed escrows (3 in Pebble Beach, 3 in Carmel) and 14 new sales (4 in Pebble, 10 in Carmel).  Below please find our market update recapping this week’s activity:

Closings this week in Pebble consisted of a newly built contemporary home with a Zen-like theme in the Estates area on the market for 14 months (sale price: $2.915M; 12% discount off most recent list price or $25% off original list price), an updated 1970’s build in Country Club West (sale price: $1.175M; 6% off most recent list price or 26% off original list price, DOM = 159), and a top floor condominium unit in the Upper Forest which sold for a 9% discount off original list price at $725K (DOM = 127).  The top new sale this week was in Pebble – a newly constructed ocean view contemporary on prized Padre Lane went into contract after 3 weeks on the market at a list price of $9.995M.  The other 3 new sales in this region were another recently built home located in Country Club West with slot views of the water (list price: $3.98M; original list price: $4.5M, DOM = 240), a comfortable ranch style home in the Estates area which was on the market for just shy of 1 year (list price: $2.995M; original list price: $3.595M), and a traditional home near the Golf Academy with an ask of $2.85M (DOM = 234). 

We’re honored to represent the top closed escrow in Carmel this week: an exquisitely remodeled 4-bedroom, 4 bath home with a detached guest cottage in the heart of the Golden Rectangle which sold for $3.775M (2% off list price) after just 2 weeks on the market.  A beautifully renovated cottage near town also sold off market at full ask ($2.895M) as did a mid-century modern home in SE Carmel near Mission Trail Park (sale price: $1.35M; 5% off original list price, DOM = 106).  Canning Properties Group also represents the top new sale in the region: an iconic stone cottage on the Carmel Point end of Scenic Road (list price: $6.75M, DOM = 187).  The adjacent lot is also went into contract with a list price of $4.2M.  The remaining new sales in Carmel this week were: an updated ocean view mid-century home with guest quarters (list price: $3.395M, DOM = 247), a remodeled 70’s build in Carmel Point on the market for 1 year (list price: $2.7588M; original = $3.799M), a Tudor style home in Carmel Point listed for less than 1 week with an ask of $2.65M, a French-inspired cottage in NE Carmel (list price: $2.195M, DOM = 19), a vintage cabin located 3 blocks from the Carmel Mission (list price: $1.649M, DOM = 19), a dated 1 bedroom/1 bath modern fixer in Carmel Point on the market for 1 month (list price: $1.39M), a partially updated home in SE Carmel with peeks of the ocean (list price: $1.375M, DOM = 31), and an oversized home in need of TLC in NE Carmel which was on the market for approximately 5 months (list price: $1.375M).

Carmel Highlands, Quail, and the Preserve had a quiet week with no new activity to report. 

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW:  4064 Ronda Road, Sale Price: $2.915M (12% off most recent list price or 25% off original list price), DOM = 425. 

  • CLOSED ESCROW:  2904 Sloat Road, Sale Price: $1.175M (6% off most recent list price or 26% off original list price), DOM = 159.

  • CLOSED ESCROW:  32 Ocean Pines, Sale Price: $725K (9% off original list price), DOM = 127.

  • NEW SALE:  1487 Padre Lane, List Price: $9.995M, DOM = 21.

  • NEW SALE:  3028 Valdez Road, List Price: $3.98M (original = $4.5M), DOM = 240.

  • NEW SALE: 3978 Ronda Road, List Price: $2.995M (original = $3.595M), DOM = 300.

  • NEW SALE:  1412 Cantera Court, List Price: $2.85M, DOM = 234.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS:  74 Homes (Country Club West = 15, Country Club East = 7, Central Pebble = 27, Lodge = 14, Upper Forest = 11), 33 Lots.

  • CLOSED ESCROW:  Lincoln 4 SW of 12th, Sale Price: $3.775M (2% off original list price), DOM = 15.

  • CLOSED ESCROW:  Dolores 5 SW of 10th Street, Sale Price: $2.895M (full price), DOM = off market.

  • CLOSED ESCROW:  Vizcaino 3 NW of Flanders Way, Sale Price: $1.35M (5% off original list price), DOM = 106). 

  • NEW SALE:  26317 Scenic Road, List Price: $6.75M, DOM = 187.

  • NEW SALE:  26319 Scenic Road, List Price: $4.2M, DOM = 187.

  • NEW SALE:  26185 Dolores Street, List Price: $3.395M (original = $3.995M), DOM = 247.

  • NEW SALE:  26147 Carmelo Street, List Price: $2.758888M (original = $3.799M), DOM = 386.

  • NEW SALE:  26360 Valley View Avenue, List Price: $2.65M, DOM = 6. 

  • NEW SALE:  Guadalupe 3 SE of 5th Avenue, List Price: $2.195M, DOM = 19.

  • NEW SALE:  25975 Mission Street, List Price: $1.649M, DOM = 19.

  • NEW SALE:  2648 15th Avenue, List Price: $1.39M, DOM = 35.

  • NEW SALE:  Santa Fe 3 NE of Mountain View, List Price: $1.375M, DOM = 31.

  • NEW SALE:  Torres 5 NE of 5th Avenue, List Price: $1.375M, DOM = 140.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS:  55 Homes (NW Carmel = 4, NE Carmel = 14, SW Carmel = 11, SE Carmel = 7, Carmel Point = 10, Hatton Fields = 9), 5 Lots.

Carmel Highlands
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 17 Homes (5 Oceanfront), 5 Lots.

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS:  Quail Meadows = 2 Homes, 1 Lot.  Quail Lodge = 4 Homes, 0 Lots.  Preserve = 11 Homes, 46 Lots.


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