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The Storms Continue

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Photo by SHAH Shah on Unsplash

Our “Atmospheric River” brought a torrential downpour and wild winds to the area this week.  If you’re a CPG client, feel free to reach out if we can help recommend tree services, put you in contact with local landscapers, or help troubleshoot any issues coming up as result of the storm.  For more information on the science behind atmospheric rivers and why they are important to our water supply, visit  If you’re in town and are faring the storm we hope you are safe and dry and get some rest this weekend.  Despite the weather, we had a productive week with 3 closed escrows and 7 new sales.  As always, a recap of the week’s activity below:

Pebble had a quiet week with just 1 closed escrow and no new sales.  A 1950’s-built ranch style home in need of updating sold for a 16% discount off list price at $2.3M after 5 months on the market.  Worthy of note, the sale price was 34% off the original list price of $3.5M. 

Carmel experienced a busier week with 2 closings and 6 new sales.  A condominium unit located in downtown Carmel clocked in at $2.97M (10% off list price) and an oversized 2-story cottage in NW Carmel sold for 9% off list price ($2.35M) after 9 months on the market.  New sales consisted of: a remodeled 1920’s-built cottage in the heart of the Golden Rectangle on the market for just 2 weeks (list price: $2.995M), a recently renovated cottage in a similar setting which went into contract off market (list price: $2.895M), a Mid-Century beach house on Carmel Point listed for $2.095M (reduced from $2.575M, DOM = 96), an updated centrally located vintage beach cottage which was on the market for just a few days (list price: $1.895M), a turnkey cottage on the edge of SE/SW Carmel listed for 3 weeks (list price: $1.395M), and a corner unit condominium in NW Carmel listed for $1.269M.

The Highlands woke up this week with an oceanfront sale on Ribera Road – a dated home in need of major renovation went into contract after 9 months on the market.  This home is currently listed for $5.8M and was reduced from an initial ask of $6.25M. 

There was no activity to report in Quail or the Preserve this week. 

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW: 3961 Ronda Road, Sale Price: $2.3M (16% off most recent list price or 34% off original list price), DOM = 154.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 73 Homes (Country Club West = 15, Country Club East = 7, Central Pebble = 26, Lodge = 15, Upper Forest = 10), 34 Lots.

  • CLOSED ESCROW: Dolores 3 SE of 7th Avenue, Sale Price: $2.97M (10% off list price), DOM = 68.

  • CLOSED ESCROW: Monte Verde 2 SW of 4th Avenue, Sale Price; $2.35M (9% off most recent list price or 10% off original list price), DOM = 279.

  • NEW SALE: Monte Verde 5 SW of 10th Avenue, List Price: $2.995M, DOM = 13.

  • NEW SALE: Dolores 5 SW of 10th Avenue, List Price: $2.895M, DOM = 0 (off market).

  • NEW SALE: 2644 Walker Avenue, List Price: $2.095M (reduced from $2.575M), DOM = 96.

  • NEW SALE: Torres 7 NW of 8th Avenue, List Price: $1.895M, DOM = 4.

  • NEW SALE: Junipero 5 NE of 10th Avenue, List Price: $1.395M, DOM = 21.

  • NEW SALE: Mission 2 NW of 4th Avenue, Unit #3, DOM = 19. 

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 64 Homes (NW Carmel = 4, NE Carmel = 16, SW Carmel = 11, SE Carmel = 10, Carmel Point = 14, Hatton Fields = 9), 7 Lots.

Carmel Highlands
  • NEW SALE: 2715 Ribera Road, List Price: $5.8M (reduced from $6.25M), DOM = 274.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 15 Homes (4 Oceanfront), 5 Lots.

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • ACTIVE LISTINGS:  Quail Lodge = 4 Homes, 0 Lots.  Quail Meadows = 2 Homes, 1 Lot.  Preserve = 11 Homes, 48 Lots.


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