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Eclipsed Yet?

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

While the talk of the town (and Nation) surrounded the Solar Eclipse this week, the local market (benefitting from Car Week) gained momentum with an uptick in sales across all areas. Carmel’s market remained very active – seizing the weekly crown with 5 closed escrows and 8 new sales – while both the Highlands and Quail areas had new activity to report. As always, a few highlights from the week below:

After a lackluster performance the prior week (zero new sales), activity rose in Pebble’s market with 2 closed escrows and 4 new sales. Both of the closed escrows came from the greater MPCC area – each selling for $1.3M (12% & 7% off of List Price respectively). Worth noting that both were ranch style homes – one a fixer in a great location and the other a remodel on a busy street. The top new sale came from the Lodge area – a Mediterranean style home, built in ’92 tucked behind Cypress Point Club, offered at $6.9M. We’re honored to represent the sellers of a move-in ready condo in Spanish Bay – # 79 is a tastefully remodeled interior unit with ocean views and a bargain price of $3.2M. The other two new sales came from the Upper Forest – a recently remodeled Craftsman with an ask of $1.069M and a condo, offered at $849K.

Carmel kicked it into high gear this week with 5 closed escrows and 8 new sales – the most activity this quarter. The top closed escrow came from the quiet yet coveted Hatton Rd – a newly built (’07) cottage on a large estate (16,200 sqft lot) that closed at $3.028M (3% off of List Price). The other closed escrows included a 50’s traditional style fixer on an oversized lot in Eastern Carmel Point that sold for $1.4M (6% off of List Price); a similarly aged ranch style home in lower Hatton Fields that also closed at $1.4M (6% off of List Price); a partially updated, small (1,055 sqft) cottage just South of the Sunset Center that closed at $1.25M (3% off of List Price) and a teardown on Lincoln, just North of Ocean Ave in NW Carmel that closed at $850K (5% off of List Price). The top new sale comes from Carmel’s frontlines – a 40’s cottage style fixer on the West side of Scenic Rd, listed at $4.995M. This makes two weeks in a row that a frontline listing went into escrow, which is great to see. The other new sales include a newly remodeled (’17) oversized (2,210 sqft home/6,098 sqft lot) cottage just South of town on Casanova, offered at $3.595M; another recently remodeled (’14) cottage in the heart of Carmel Point with an ask of $2.795M; a Cape Cod style home on a double lot in NE Carmel, offered at $2.195M; a ranch style fixer on an oversized lot in Carmel Point with an ask of $2.1M; a small (1,241 sqft) updated cottage in the Golden Rectangle listed at $1.895M; a partially updated cottage on a thoroughfare (Junipero Ave), listed at $1.495M and a teardown on another artery (Carpenter) with an ask of $980K.

The Quail area had activity to report this week with a new sale on Valley Greens Circle – a custom built (’04) home with Southerly overlooking Quail’s 3rd fairway and an ask of $2.495M.

The Highlands area also had activity to report with 2 new sales coming from the West side of Highway 1, although neither were oceanfront. The top new sale was in the Northern section of Yankee Point Drive – a 50’s rustic contemporary style home with partial ocean views and an ask of $3.25M. The other new sale comes from an interior section of the Spindrift area (on Van Ess Way) – a 70’s ranch style fixer with Southwestern ocean views that’s offered at $2.495M.

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW – 1080 Lariat Ln, $1.3M (12% off of List Price), DOM=49

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 2876 Forest Lodge Rd, $1.3M (7% off of List Price), DOM=47

  • NEW SALE – 1109 Portola Rd, $6.9M, DOM=100

  • NEW SALE – 79 Spanish Bay Cir, $3.2M, DOM=129

  • NEW SALE – 4113 El Bosque, $1.069M, DOM=94

  • NEW SALE – 54 Ocean Pines Ln, $849K, DOM=19

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 89 Homes (CCW=12, CCE=18, Central Pebble=31, Lodge=17, Upper Forest=10), 17 Lots

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 25647 Hatton Rd, $3.028M (3% off of List Price), DOM=60

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 2713 15th Ave, $1.4M (6% off of List Price), DOM=19

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 3324 Taylor Rd, $1.4M (15% off of List Price), DOM=150

  • CLOSED ESCROW – NW Corner of Mission & 11th, $1.25M (3% off of List Price), DOM=9

  • CLOSED ESCROW – Lincoln 3NE of 5th, $850K (, DOM=10

  • NEW SALE – Scenic 3NW of 8th, $4.995M, DOM=192

  • NEW SALE – SE Corner of Casanova & 8th, $3.595M, DOM=80

  • NEW SALE – 26264 Valley View Ave, $2.795M, DOM=6

  • NEW SALE – Santa Rita 2SE of 1st, $2.195M, DOM=126

  • NEW SALE – 26351 Camino Real, $2.1M, DOM=52

  • NEW SALE – Monte Verde 3SE of 12th, $1.895M, DOM=111

  • NEW SALE – Junipero 2SW of 8th, $1.495M, DOM=186

  • NEW SALE – Carpenter 2SW of 4th, $980K, DOM=41

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= (NW Carmel=18, NE Carmel=14, Golden Rectangle=19, SE Carmel=9, Carmel Point=12, Hatton Fields=13), 10 Lots

Carmel Highlands
  • NEW SALE – 2 Yankee Beach Wy, $3.25M, DOM=169

  • NEW SALE – 186 Van Ess Wy, $2.495M, DOM=461

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 33 Homes (10 oceanfront), 8 Lots

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • NEW SALE – 7036 Valley Greens Cir, $2.495M, DOM=127

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 18 Homes (1 in Quail Meadows, 1 in Quail Lodge, 16 in Preserve), 43 Lots (41 in Preserve, 2 in Quail Meadows)


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