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Let There be Light!

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash

With the holiday season gearing up, towns around the Peninsula are hosting their annual tree lighting ceremonies.  Carmel-By-The-Sea’s ceremony is tonight, which is always a fun event.  The local market had a mixed week as the prime parts of Carmel stalled while Pebble’s market spiked.  As always, a few highlights from the week below:

Led by a flurry of new sales (7), Pebble’s market seized the weekly crown by a landslide this week.  The lone closed escrow in Pebble came from the MPCC area – a 50’s ranch style fixer on Stevenson Dr that closed at $1.11M (3% off of List Price).  The top new sale is a dated 70’s Manor style home on Portola Rd in the Lodge area that went back into escrow with a list price of $2.995M.  The other new sales include an 80’s ranch-contemporary home on Viscaino in Central Pebble that also went back into escrow this week, offered at $2.095M; a cape cod style home on an artery (Bird Rock Rd) in MPCC West that’s listed at $1.895M; an updated 80’s traditional style home with filtered ocean views with an ask of $1.795M; another traditional style home in a good location of the MPCC West area, offered at $1.698M and a couple of ranch style fixers in the Upper Forest with asks of $993K and $949K respectively.

Carmel had a quiet week with just 2 closed escrows and zero new sales.  Both of the closed escrows were newer built cottages in the NE area of Carmel on Guadalupe and Torres that sold for $1.8M (5% off of List Price) and $1.62M (10% off of List Price) respectively.

The Highlands had activity to report this week with 1 new sale – an 80’s contemporary style home with distant ocean views on the East side of Highway 1 on Mentone Rd that went into escrow listed at $2.188M.

Quail also had activity to report with a condo adjacent to the 5th hole selling off-market at $845K (1% off of List Price).

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW – 3022 Stevenson, $1.11M (3% off of List Price), DOM=106

  • NEW SALE – 1284 Portola Rd, $2.995M, DOM=403

  • NEW SALE – 1276 Viscaino Rd, $2.095M, DOM=246

  • NEW SALE – 3129 Bird Rock Rd, $1.895M, DOM=46

  • NEW SALE – 3074 Strawberry Hill Rd, $1.795M, DOM=9

  • NEW SALE – 1076 Indian Village Rd, $1.698M, DOM=32

  • NEW SALE – 4176 Sunset Ln, $993K, DOM=9

  • NEW SALE – 4060 El Bosque, $949K, DOM=7

  • CLOSED ESCROW – SW Corner of Guadalupe & 3rd, $1.8M (5% off of List Price), DOM=187

  • CLOSED ESCROW – Torres 3NE of 4th, $1.62M (10% off of List Price), DOM=66

Carmel Highlands
  • NEW SALE – 31 Mentone Rd, $2.188M, DOM=145

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • CLOSED ESCROW – 7020 Valley Greens Cir, $845K (1% off of List Price), DOM= Off-Market


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