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Pebble Beach Leads the Pack This Week

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Photo by Will Bolding on Unsplash

We saw a nice rebound in activity across all the major regions this week with 10 closed escrows and 8 new sales. The top sale this week came down on Spindrift in the Carmel Highlands, with 174 Spindrift going into escrow with a list price of $6M. There were 3 new sales and one closed escrow above $3M this week – it’s good to see movement continuing to build in that bracket. If you’re about town this week, you’ll likely notice a little bit more rumble than normal with the Quail Motorcycle gathering in town on Saturday. If that’s not your cup of tea, the 25th Annual Monterey Winemakers Celebration in downtown Carmel on Sunday from 1-4, which is a great way to learn more about the different appellations and grapes grown in this area.

Pebble led the pack with 5 closed escrows and 3 new sales. The top sale in Pebble was a dated home on the frontlines of MPCC that sold for $3.7M (17.7% off the original list price). The frontlines is the most desirable location in MPCC as these homes provide the best views in the area and sunsets year-round. The top new sale in Pebble was a single level home close to Stevenson that went back into escrow with a list price of $2.095M.

Carmel had 4 new sales and 3 closed escrows this week, spread fairly evenly across all of Carmel. We represented the sellers in the top sale in Carmel with our listing at 2313 Bay View – a completely remodeled contemporary with gorgeous views of Carmel Beach stretching over to Pebble, listed at $4.95M. 2468 Bay View also went into escrow with a new list price of $3.95M. The top closed escrow in Carmel was an older home on an 8,000 Sqft lot on Camino Real 3NE of Ocean, which sold quickly just off list price at $2.24M.

The Carmel Highlands had just one new sale this week with 174 Spindrift. This property has been on and off the market for the past 6 years with an original list price of $18.5M and set to close on June 6th.

Quail had 2 closed escrows this week including a smaller contemporary house in Quail Meadows that closed for $2.619M and 7050 Valley Greens Drive which closed at $1.705M. This area continues to see nice activity with homes selling relatively quickly.

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW – 1038 Rodeo RD , $3.7M (11.88% off List Price), DOM= 374

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 1202 Hawkins Way , $2.7M (0% off List Price), DOM= 0

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 3044 Valdez RD , $1.81M (9.27% off List Price), DOM= 63

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 1162 Chaparral RD , $1.64M (3.24% off List Price), DOM= 31

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 3080 Strawberry Hill RD , $0.9599M (0% off List Price), DOM= 57

  • NEW SALE – 1230 Silver CT , $2.095M, DOM= 178

  • NEW SALE – 2983 Colton RD , $1.599M, DOM= 73

  • NEW SALE – 4134 El Bosque DR , $0.8599M, DOM= 44

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS=83 (Central Pebble Beach=47, MPCC=29, Upper Forest=7)

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 0 Camino Real 3 NE of Ocean , $2.24M (0.4% off List Price), DOM= 12Carmel

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 0 San Carlos 2NE of 1st , $1.925M (3.75% off List Price), DOM= 431

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 0 Junipero 3 NW of Vista AVE , $1.695M (3.09% off List Price), DOM= 178

  • NEW SALE – 2313 Bay View AVE , $4.95M, DOM= 259

  • NEW SALE – 2468 Bay View AVE , $3.95M, DOM= 59

  • NEW SALE – 0 NE Corner Torres & 9th ST , $1.385M, DOM= 205

  • NEW SALE – 0 NE corner Forest & 8th , $0.875M, DOM= 13

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 84 Homes (Carmel Point=12, Hatton Fields=10, Northeast Carmel=15, Northwest Carmel=17, Southeast Carmel=14, Golden Rectangle=16)

Carmel Highlands
  • NEW SALE – 174 Spindrift RD , $6M, DOM= 259

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS= 23 Homes (Highlands Inn=2, Malpaso=7, Otter Cove / Yankee Point=7, Point Lobos=7)

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • CLOSED ESCROW – 5459 Quail Meadows DR , $2.619M (12.55% off List Price), DOM= 254

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 7050 Valley Greens CIR , $1.705M (10.03% off List Price), DOM= 31

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS=13 (The Preserve=10, Quail Meadows=2, Quail Lodge=1)


Around Town

5/6: Sunset Confidential: Exclusive Season Reveal

  • Sunset Center

  • 5:30pm

  • $250

5/7: Paint with Dali17

  • Dali17 at the Museum of Monterey

  • 4:00pm or 6:00pm

  • $30

5/7: Spring Garden Party

  • Robinson Jeffers Tor House

  • 2:00pm - 5:00pm

  • $15

5/2: Winemaker's Celebration

  • Dolores Street, Carmel

  • 12:00pm - 4:00pm

  • $75-$125

5/11-5/28: Betrayal

  • Pacific Repertory Theatre

  • 2:00pm or 7:00pm

  • $14-$38

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