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TaylorMade Weather on the Peninsula

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Photo by AK¥N Cakiner on Unsplash

As we race toward the end of the year, the market has picked up steam with both Pebble and Carmel having a very strong week. If you’re in Pacific Grove this weekend, be sure to cheer on the Big Sur Half Marathon runners as they take on 13.1 Miles of our coastline. Additionally, the TaylorMade is back in town this week across the Pebble Beach Golf Links, Spyglass Hill, and the Links at Spanish Bay. Good luck to all of those out enjoying this gorgeous fall weather.  Here’s a quick summary of the major regions:

Pebble Beach continued to roll with 4 closed escrows and 5 new sales. The top closed escrow came at 3195 Palmero Way, which had recently been pulled from the market to restage and refresh and sold almost immediately for $5.8M (just 3% off List Price). The other closed escrows all came in below $1.6M, including 1168 Arroyo Drive, a traditional style home on MPCC golf course that closed at $1.55M, 3143 Patio Drive, a renovated ranch-style home that closed for $1.525M, and an older home at 1041 Rodeo Road that closed for $1.39M. The top new sale for Pebble was an older brick home at 1284 Portola that is currently listed for $2.995M, a warm, fully renovated house at 2823 Congress that’s listed for $1.85M, a contemporary ranch home on Forest Way listed for $1.695M, a contemporary in the upper forest on Costado listed for $1.345M and a major fixer on Laurel Lane listed for $1.049M.

Carmel had a very strong week with 8 closed escrows and 7 new sales. We are honored to represent clients in both the top closed escrow and new sale for Carmel this week – both on Scenic. 26263 Scenic is an oversized home with elevated views of Pt. Lobos to Pescadero Point, which closed for $6.1M. Scenic continues to roll with a little cottage on an oversized lot just north of 8thclosing for $4.75M (a particularly short escrow of just 1 week). The other Carmel sales included a traditional home that was recently renovated at 26247 Atherton Place which sold for $2.975M, another traditional home on a large corner lot at 26075 Atherton Drive closed at $1.775M, a charming cottage with a guest house up on Torres closed for $1.155M, a dated oversized home on Oak Place closed for $1.18M, 2989 Lasuen Drive closed for $1.05M and a small cottage on Carpenter closed for just $835K. The top new sale included our listing at 26317 Scenic which is listed for $8.5M which is located on two legal lots on Carmel Point. Additional sales include a renovated home on Casanova & 10th listed at $2.895M (another multiple offer situation), a board and batten home on Torres & 1st listed for $1.995M, a historic home on Casanova & 13th listed for $1.995M, a larger home with nice views on Ladera listed for $1.695M, a recently renovated home at 3466 Trevis listed for $1.299M and a charming cottage on Lobos & 3rd listed for just $1.295M.

The Carmel Highlands had a nice week with one closed escrow and one new sale. We were honored to represent the buyers and sellers of the top new sale in the Highlands at 30500 Aurora del Mar, listed at $8.295M with several parties circling. The closed escrow this week was an ocean view fixer in Carmel Meadows closed at $1.285M.

Nothing to report in Quail and the Preserve this week, but we were honored to represent the buyers and sellers of an incredible valley property this week: 7985 Carmel Valley Road. With a private vineyard, barn, large garage on 30 acres close to town, this is a truly unique property.

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW – 3195 Palmero Way, $M (3% off of List Price), DOM=11

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 1168 Arroyo Drive, $M (9% off of List Price), DOM=63

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 3143 Patio Drive, $M (2% off of List Price), DOM=106

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 1041 Rodeo Drive, $M (4% off of List Price), DOM=0

  • NEW SALE – 1284 Portola Road, $2.995M, DOM=402

  • NEW SALE – 2823 Congress, $1.85M, DOM=39

  • NEW SALE – 3008 Forest Way, $1.695M, DOM=122

  • NEW SALE – 4051 Costado Road, $1.345M, DOM=82

  • NEW SALE – 1050 Laurel Lane, $1.049M, DOM=2

  • Active Listings: 77 Homes (Central Pebble=25, Lodge=14; Upper Forest=10; Country Club West=11, Country Club East=17; ) Lots: 16 Lots

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 26263 Scenic Road, $6.1M (13% off of List Price), DOM=157

  • CLOSED ESCROW – Scenic 3NW of 8th, $M (5% off of List Price), DOM=218

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 26247 Atherton Place, $M (6% off of List Price), DOM=57

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 26075 Atherton Drive, $M (7% off of List Price), DOM=178

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 3530 Oak Place, $M (6% off of List Price), DOM=227

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 9th Ave 2NW of Torres, $M (11% off of List Price), DOM=135

  • CLOSED ESCROW – 2989 Lasuen Drive, $M (12% off of List Price), DOM=64

  • CLOSED ESCROW – Carpenter 2SE of 1st, $M (3% off of List Price), DOM=48

  • NEW SALE – 26317 Scenic Road, $8.5M, DOM=556

  • NEW SALE – NEC Casanova & 10th, $2.895M, DOM=24

  • NEW SALE – SEC Torres & 1st, $1.995M, DOM=25

  • NEW SALE – Casanova 5SE of 13th, $1.995M, DOM=177

  • NEW SALE – 26345 Ladera, $1.695M, DOM=230

  • NEW SALE – 3466 Trevis Way, $1.299M, DOM=171

  • NEW SALE – Lobos 4NE of 3rd, $1.295M, DOM=24

  • Active Listings:  76 Homes (NW Carmel=18 Homes, NE Carmel=9 Homes, SE Carmel=12 Homes, Golden Rectangle=15 Homes, Carmel Point=11 Homes, Hatton Fields=11 Homes), Lots: 5 Lots

Carmel Highlands
  • CLOSED ESCROW – 2900 Ribera Road, $1.285M (1% off of List Price), DOM=19

  • NEW SALE – 30500 Aurora del Mar, $8.295M, DOM=156

  • Active Listings: 27 (Oceanfront Active Listings=9), Lots: 8

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • No news to report

  • Active Listings: 13 Homes (1 in Quail Lodge, 12 in Preserve), 33 Lots (2 in Quail Meadows, 31 in Preserve)


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