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Turkey Trot

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Photo by Anthony Rossbach on Unsplash

With incredible weather on the Peninsula over Thanksgiving weekend, locals are opting outside and soaking in the sunshine. Canning Properties Group was proud to sponsor the Turkey Trot in preparation for the holiday feast. The picturesque 75-degree day set the perfect backdrop to reflect on what we are thankful for. We hope you had a fun-filled weekend with your loved ones. As always, a few highlights from the week worth noting below:

Market activity in Pebble Beach this week remained steady with two new sales and two closed escrows this week (one closed escrow and three new sales last week). New sales included an oceanfront home nestled in the dunes at 1152 Signal Hill Road with a list price of $5,995,000 and a distinct custom build behind the pines at 4168 Sunset Lane (list price $1,175,000). We proudly represent the seller of the top closed sale this week at 1285 Padre Lane; a stunning contemporary new build like nothing else in the forest with a sale price of $6,647,500. The other closed sale in Pebble Beach this week was a traditional home in the Country Club West area at 2852 Elk Run Road which was on the market for just 12 days closing at $1,080,000.

Carmel saw two new escrows and four closed sales this week, down from four new escrows and nine closed sales last week. New escrows included a cozy downtown condo on the market for 18 days at Mission 4 NE of 5th Street, 1S (list price $989,000) and a Country English style home in Carmel Woods on Dolores SE of Vista Street listed at $2,395,000. The closings this week consisted of a cozy cottage fixer on the market for just 6 days for $857,000 at First Avenue 2 SE of Santa Rita Street, a cute bungalow at 26033 Mesa Drive with a sale price of $825,000, a Carmel Point beach cottage at 26226 Camino Real at $1,850,000 only on the market for 6 days, and a classic post adobe at 26351 Camino Real closing for $2,000,000.

Quail experienced an uptick in activity with two closings this week, up from no new activity the week prior. We are honored to represent the highest grossing sale in Quail this week; a sophisticated, light and bright off-market home in Quail Meadows at 5462 Quail Way closing for $3,945,000. 8003 River Place in Quail Lodge also closed this week for $1,490,000. There was no new activity in The Preserve this week.

Carmel Highlands saw no new sales or closed escrows this week.

Pebble Beach
  • CLOSED ESCROW: 1285 Padre Lane, $6.6475M (-2.2% off of List Price), DOM = 31

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 2852 Elk Run Road, $1.08M (-20% off of List Price), DOM = 12

  • NEW SALE: 1152 Signal Hill Road, $5.995M, DOM = 96

  • NEW SALE: 4168 Sunset Lane, $1.175M , DOM = 164

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 81 Homes (Central Pebble = 26, The Lodge = 13, Upper Forest = 10, Country Club West = 14, Country Club East = 18) Lots: 15

  • CLOSED ESCROW: First Avenue 2 SE of Santa Rita, $0.857M (slightly over List Price), DOM = 6

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 26033 Mesa Drive, $0.825M (-14.8% off of List Price), DOM = 182

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 26226 Camino Real, $1.85M (Full Price), DOM = 8

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 26351 Camino Real, $2M (-4.8% off of List Price), DOM = 52

  • NEW SALE: Mission 4 NE of 5th Street, 1S, $0.989M, DOM = 18

  • NEW SALE: Dolores SE of Vista Street, $2.395M, DOM = 138

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 68 Homes (NW Carmel = 14, NE Carmel = 9, SE Carmel = 12, Golden Rectangle = 13, Carmel Point = 10, Hatton Fields = 10) Lots: 4

Carmel Highlands
  • No new activity.

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 25 Homes (9 Oceanfront) Lots: 7

Quail Lodge/ Preserve
  • CLOSED ESCROW: 5462 Quail Way, $3.945M (-1.3% off of List Price), DOM = N/A (Off Market)

  • CLOSED ESCROW: 8003 River Place, $1.49M (-22.6% off of List Price), DOM = 159

  • ACTIVE LISTINGS: 12 Homes (1 in Quail Lodge, 11 in The Preserve), 34 Lots: (2 in Quail Lodge, 1 in Quail Meadows, 31 in The Preserve)

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